Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Response to Seven Rules for Managing Creative-But-Difficult People

Recently an article was published by the Harvard Business review titled "the Seven Rules for Managing creative-But-Difficult People".  Please read the article for yourself, but the following are my thoughts on these types of articles.  First, I'm not going into the negatives, why I disagree with so much of this, nor will I ponder as to why such material is written and published, I want to highlight some positive things I see in this.

 I think this is a good example of how, of the internet and social networking's double edge can actually work in our favor. For every management trainee that reads this and takes it to heart, I would bet that at least one creative has also read it and hopefully augmented their defenses against possible future abuse. I say let them keep speaking their mind, write more, tear it up with this type of material. It reminds me of that article that was floating around deviant art about how to get cheap app-game art from artists and take advantage of them. It's wonderful that articles like this are published in a way, because its public, it's shared, and it's not only spoken about in some 50th flor manhattan meeting room any longer. By publishing that the author is just arming us with knowledge and evidence to ensure a future where creatives have equal roles in the industry, which I dare say all of us here feel is best. Our best strength is in information, and then standards and unity, that's the best way to offset the greater financial capital of entities that would follow this type of rhetoric.

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