Saturday, March 30, 2013

Art and Value

      In response to a discussion on ART_PACT,, about raising your freelancing rates I commented in a thread that I would like to share here. In the past two years or so I have been gradually raising my rates with good success. Raising them up super quick could be more confusing and risky. I really agree that money isn't the only factor involved here, it's about value as well. For me it's very much about having an enjoyable experience with the client, creating great art, and then of course feeling adequately compensated is good too for sure. Ultimately It's about producing a piece of work that I am proud of and that the client is satisfied (hopefully over satisfied) with. For me prices are negotiable but the Quality and Value of my work is NEVER negotiable, meaning I'm not going to compromise the effort I put into my work for any reason. I'm only always going to produce the best work I can and through doing so increase that works value, thus increasing my rates. I think it's better to look at it as a value function rather than just a monetary game and you can see that everywhere, otherwise major IP's, Galleries, Annuals, etc. would be printing sophomoric work rather than the art that we all love to admire. No offense at all to any artsits, I'm still sophomoric in many ways myself, most certainly still learning my craft, I'm certainly no "great master". For me though at any stage in my artistic and business development, it's about establishing and increasing the value of my work, not necessarily the price. Good discussion.

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