Thursday, September 1, 2011


Rasterizer is the title and name of my entry for the D-mag comic book themed mascot contest.
I created Rasterizer based on my love of photoshop and digital painting and the rasterizor represnets that love of artistry and it's strange juxtaposition aside digital technology. Can a robot create, can it think? Or does the machine just speed up our own human creative potential?

I began with a rough sketch I did in pencil and paper then moved into a digital painting in an 8"X8" template I use in RGB. I borrowed some techniques from some of my favorite 'robot and mecha' artists Feng Zhu and Doug Chiang for rasterizor and also had a great time using the awesome brushsets from concept on a Mac which was recommended to me by Patrick Rodes, a very talented former pupil of mine.

Here are some details about Rasterizer, I hope you enjoy.

Name: Rasterizer
Sex: N/A
Race: Silicon
Alignment: Productive/Good
Age: 1 year/ N/A
Powers: Super Speed, Strength, Advanced Sensors, Advanced computer
Prime Directive: Pixelate anything you want to Pixilate.
Tool used to create: Photoshop

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