Wednesday, June 1, 2011

yeah, I know what your thinking.

Concept was not mine, it was a glamor shot taken by a friend a while back, I just added the hood and robe. I needed to do an illustration of a figure, particularly the face just for practice. I tried to limit my time to just a few hours (<3). I'll admit it, I did a little tracing OK, so what! Just kidding, I am trying more and more to move away from tracing and using the reference material in the proper way. I didn't focused my main attention on the face and this is actually my first study using the Grayscale first, then color overlay. Hope you enjoy it.

1 comment:

  1. Great face and particularly the gaze.

    Composition is non -standard. Usually more space on the side of the gaze - (left image side). Shorten the image vertically if you don't want to depict her paws - all that dark space is just calling for hands to be pop out of the shadows.

    Rendering and color temp of skin on torso does not match with face. Think about the same light being cast on all these elements that you have brought together :-)

    The robe needs to show some rim lighting with a color temp shift to make if pop out from background.
    Background should have lighting variation. Some textural relief would make it look like it was being lit in 3-D space.

    Look at your edges - soften some more and sharpen others (I'm thinking along the robe/skin border of her chest. This can work like a focal point device....

    Darn promising overall - better than I could do for sure!