Monday, April 18, 2011

Thunder Over Louisville

This year was a rainy one in Louisville Ky, when thunder was about to roll through the Ohio river valley. It was cold and windy, and wonderfully sparsely populated. The show started off normally with some most aircraft making a single pass, but I still felt confident that it would just be a low light, overcast show. The weather began to get 'squirrely' as our humble narrator put it, and this presented a problem for incoming aircraft. The cloud layer (and thus viability) was falling below 4,000 feet, too far into the performance box for some of the aircraft to fly in. We did see some big guys, plenty of helicopters, and the Coast Gaurd's new C-144 Ocean Sentry so I was feeling confident. When the weak were breaking from Ohio river windburn, I still had hopes that the finale would come through. Although the squirrelliness of the weather prevented several flights from making the show, The end of the video shows the F-22, for which I was seeing for the first time. I'm Hooked like a drug. Enjoy.

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